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Saturday, October 15, 2005

When Geek Worlds Collide.

Last month, Bourdet and I saw Vancouver super-group the New Pornographers at Bimbo's. As is the custom, during the song breaks, while Crazy Carl Newman is doing comedy crowd-work and Neko Case plays along like a saint, people like myself will randomly scream out song requests (the word "Free" & "bird" were never spoken).

During a quiet moment, I screamed "YYZ!" Some dude near us started screaming "YYZ" as well. Being good Canadians, they obliged us for just a moment and started playing this sacred anthem of Rush lore before realizing the inherant hilarity and stopped.

For those who know not the YYZ, you are pure. Please turn away from the screen. For those who want to see what happens when the worlds of computer animation and obsessive Rush fans collide, try this:

But you've been warned! -Not a hit point of charisma to be found. You can thank/blame Shuggie for bringing this fine piece into your consciousness.

Conversely, plenty of charisma here:

Friday, October 14, 2005

Let's stick with music...

Can you tell the difference?:

If you were as drunk as Liam Gallagher, probably not:
Also, and this might not be a popular opinion, but I have to nominate System of a Down as the worst band in the world right now. Critics continue to sing their praises, all the while ignoring their overwhelming Spinal Tap nature. Only problem with SoaD is, they are 100% serious. No irony, no satire, no joke. Here's a sample of some of their lyrics:
From "Peephole":
"When your stars are baked,
And your rivers fly,
Do you ever believe you were stuck out in the, Sky,

When your castle breaks,
And your feet are dry,
Do you ever believe you were stuck out in the, Sky,

When your moon is fake,
And your mermaids cry,
Do you ever believe you were stuck out in the, Sky..."
Totally serious.
From "Darts":
"Art Thou Not Human Man,
Not Human Man Art Thou.

Arise as did the gods Ninti, and Ishkur!"
No Irony.

And now for some intentional humor...
Don Asmussen

Saturday, October 08, 2005


'Been a while since I've been back here. Even now, I gotta keep it short. So, for you amusement:
The Shittiest Mix Tape Competition
That guy, Aziz Ansari, is now my new hero, simply for going through with it.

As I told Sean, here's my list of 5 worst songs mixtape:
1. Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire"
2-5. Doesn't matter.
Song #1 puts me over the top and crowns me the indisputed all-time champion of this competition.