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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Green-Eyed Monster (Again).

When I was young, my mom would call my childhood cat "The Green Eyed Monster". He was definitely one of my happiest memories of being a kid. Such personality; he would go out into the woods, get into fights with other cats/animals, then come back and crawl into my bed to sleep. Even when my brother and I slept in bunk beds, he'd climb the frames to the top bunk and curl up under my chin. One Thanksgiving he came home so beaten up that he lost an eye and had to have an operation that I know my mom couldn't afford, but I pleaded her to get done simply because he continued, even in his battered state, to crawl into bed with me. I figured, if it still made him feel good to be with me then that's all the reason to keep him around, despite all his bad habits.

Well, there's a current Green Eyed Monster in my apartment, who I just went through another dramatic incident with. My current cat, the magnificent Maine Coon Beast Oswald, had his third bout with a urinary tract blockage. I don't dare disturb you with the details, but suffice it to say, it's quite harrowing. Luckily, after a very emotional early morning emergency hospital visit, and some rather serious surgery later, he's doing absolutely fine. In fact, he's back to his usual routine of eating, sleeping, sneaking into my roommate's rooms, playing with my Ipod earphones, and trying to terrorize the birds outside the window.

When I got him eight years ago, I had this misguided idea that despite all my bad habits he would climb into my bed without any judgments, just to be with me. In some ways that's true, but it's been much deeper than I imagined. No doubt, the affinity he shows me is absolutely mind-boggling, and more than I ever thought a pet capable of, but the unconditional affection that I thought I could con a lesser being out of has back-fired. I realized this as he, the one with the catheter and I.V. coming out of him, once again tried to calm me down during hospital visiting hours. All his unconditional affection had unwittingly given me more purpose than I ever imagined, probably more than I ever wanted, and definitely more than I ever thought I was capable of. So, he totally out-smarted me.

On a side note, this was the third time he's had to be admitted to a hospital and once again, the hospital staff fell for all his pretty-cat charms, especially the female nurses and doctors. They all couldn't stop talking about how great he was. Even the doctor went on and on about him! Someone told me he must have picked that up from living with 3 single guys, but I think he's had it all along.

Anyway, I'm just happy to have him back to his old, gimpy self.



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