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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Greatest Joke of All Time Nominee #4 & #5

In accordance with Gay Pride Weekend here (which is always amazing to watch), here's a couple of jokes of the season:

Eugene Mirman, from The Absurd Nightclub Comedy Of Eugene Mirman
I saw recently, Teen Wolf. My favorite thing in Teen Wolf is there's a point where Michael J. Fox is going to tell his super-fashionable friend, Styles, that he's a wolf.

They're in Michael J. Fox's garage, and right before he tells him Styles goes, "Dude, you're not going to tell me you're a fag?"

And, of course, Michael J. Fox goes, "No, no, no, don't worry. I'm a wolf! I'm a magical creature that eats babies! I'm not gay! -You can relax, it's cool."
Louis CK, from Louis CK, Live in Houston
You know what's funny to me? -That people get angry that there are gay people they don't even know. Some people get so angry, like somehow, that someone's gay, like -thousands of miles away, fucks them up.

I could understand it if two guys are blowing each other on your lawn, where you're trying to cut. "Arrgh! I'm trying to cut there! Someone has to stop these gay people! This behavior... it's not right!"
Here are a few more gay-pride suggestions:
  • Check out ma bro, and blogger extraordinaire, Scamboogah's take.
  • Watch X2, possibly the best super-hero movie ever, and notice the thinly veiled parallel that openly gay director Bryan Singer draws between being a mutant and being gay (especially when Iceman "comes out" to his family).
  • In addition to the X-Men movies, watch any of the Lord of the Rings films and admit that the coolest actor in the world, Ian McKellen, is a raging queen.
  • Break out one of the best post-punk bands of the late 80's, Husker Du, and remind yourself that all that great influential alt-rock was created by 3 gay men from Minnesota.
  • Reflect on all the times you were at a sporting event and watched the whole crowd whipped into a frenzy by the gay voice of Freddy Mercury and Queen's "We Are the Champions".



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