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Monday, June 27, 2005


No, not about the sexual preferences of Husker Du.

In my last entry, I casually mentioned X2 possibly being the best superhero film ever. What a difference 2 days can make!

'Just saw Batman Begins, and it's amazing. It miffs me that I've heard people debate whether it's the best Batman yet. It has to be. -Has to be!

Clearly, it's the most well thought-out superhero film ever. And while current Christian Bale man-crush is still intact, the real star is director Christopher Nolan. It takes true leadership to walk into a franchise and take it in a new, much better direction, instead of just re-hashing out the same old stock.

For example:
  • He transformed the previous Gotham from archetypical Tim Burton playhouse into the gritty urban decay we all knew it should have been.
  • He took out the curvaceous Corvette-stylings of the Batmobile and turned it into a high tech tank that we truly believe could take all that punishment.
  • He had the gall to actually develop Batman's psychological state.
  • He extracted most of the cartoony lines and characters.
  • He made it a priority that we believe what we were seeing, not allowing the luxury of knowing "it'll all work out in the end".
  • Hell, he even removed the nipples from the previous Batsuit! (Although, you don't need to be a visionary to realize that was ridiculous.)
I hope George Lucas walks out of that movie and says, "Wow. Maybe I shouldn't have killed off Liam Neeson in half of a bad movie."



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