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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Basquiat Moment...

Ever see the movie Basquiat? Everyone told me it was horrible, but I completely disagree. Maybe I liked it because I had no fore-knowledge of Basquiat to have offended or compare to, but still, I highly recommend it.

Well, there's a scene in the movie where one morning Basquiat is coming out of a drug induced haze, it appears his whole life is coming apart at the seams and he suddenly sees something that cheers him up: Duckman. I remember duckman from living in New York in '89-90, he was a guy who pushed a shopping cart exploding with stuffed duck toys. He spent his days dancing on the streets of New York, selling ducks and generally cheering people up.

I had a very similar experience the other day. Except this is what I saw:

So, embrace your own community's most beloved mentally ill citizen!