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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Like it or not Cinema Psychology #1.

I've been trying to make note of characters in movies who I secretly relate to, for better or worse. Hopefully, I won't have to invoke my 5th Amendment right against Self-Incrimination, but no promises.

#1. Nurse Betty, played by Renée Zellweger. While this seemed like a clever narrative device, which I'm sure wow!ed studio executives for its creativity, I found the character eerily plausible on a personal level. Due to post-traumatic stress, or Level 5 denial, Nurse Betty becomes so withdrawn that she subconsciously decides to only believe in the world of her favorite Soap Opera. It's a wonderfully sweet and sad film, thick with a compassion that director, and renowned misanthrope, Neil LaBute was not supposed to possess.
If I ever have a nervous breakdown, it wouldn't surprise me if my only means of communication was to quote Simpson episodes, movies I like, and comedy routines. -Like a pop-culture Rain Man, who feels more comfortable with media constructs than his own self. Some would argue this has already begun.

Really, what's the difference if a mental injury leaves you repeatedly chanting "Coffee's For Closers Only", rather than "Gotta Watch Wapner"?

So, if I convince myself that I'm in love with Greg Kinnear, consider this a living will and shoot me.