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Friday, April 08, 2005

You cannot escape your marketing destiny!

As rumored, here are some photos of Star Wars marketing in action. I think you'll all agree, Mr. Lucas doesn't lend his work to just anyone, only those who's checks clear.

These are all-right, but I have a feeling it's the calm before the marketing storm, or as Dave Attell says, "That type of quiet right before a hooker pisses on you." As we get closer to opening day, I'm sure things will pick up and the marketing choices will get even funnier.

Some advice, though, if you head to the market to gather photos, as I did, make sure your Ipod is fully charged. Mine konked out halfway through the store, making this endeavor infinitely more pathetic. It's definitely fun when jamming out to Death From Above 1979, not so much to supermarket muzak.

Here ya go:

Going to see Revenge of the Sith is a lot like playing the lottery, in that you lose a lot.

A very confused Wookie.

The Powers of an ancient Jedi.

Droids love Cheese!

Mark Hamill? Ewoks? Check the expiration date.