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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Greatest Joke of All Time Nominee #3

This is a recent one, they don't have to be old to be classics. Like the last nominee, it's a joke that causes you to laugh and nod your head because it's true.

Here we go:
On the Simpsons a few weeks ago, Bart decides to start his own T-Shirt business (which, btw seems to be the thing to do nowadays, check out Garth's new line of T-Shirts: Piximix).
Anyway, Bart goes to a T-Shirt convention only to have his booth crushed by Krusty's mega-booth next to him. Krusty then appears on a wall of television screens and he says,
"Krusty Show T-Shirts are made for kids, by kids! And we pass the slavings (wink) on to you!"
For a further look into slave-wage clothing lines, including Kathy Lee Gifford's line of children's clothing, rent the brilliant new documentary, The Corporation. Not funny, but incredibly eye-opening. Pair it up with The Yes Men and start your own personal anti-globalization movement.



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