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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Winston Zeddemore Effect.

What would you do if you had just prevented the end of the world by defeating supernatural creatures trying to enter our dimension? What if you were also covered from head to toe with marshmallows because you had just destroyed a 20 story marshmallow man? Remember what Winston Zeddemore did? He raised his hands high and screamed, "I love this town!" It only makes sense:

Even though he was talking about New York City and I live in San Francisco, I too, know that very Winston Zeddemore Effect.

Sometimes the feeling is slight, like the weather, or how the neighborhood is always full of energy, or watching small dogs try to hump the legs of large dogs at Dolores Park, or having a burrito, or just common people watching. Sometimes it's grand, like the scenery, riding Critical Mass, watching the fog roll in, driving over the bridge, pedaling passed City Hall, etc.

And sometimes it's huge. Like today, when a California court decision came down declaring Gay Marriage unconstitutional. Even though I'm not of that community (vicious rumors, I tell ya!), the public display of enthusiasm and happiness they had with the ruling puts a smile on my face. I can't help but quietly whisper, "I love this town." Gay Marriage for some, tiny American flags for others!

Or when the first bombs dropped on Iraq, and the entire city was shut down due to protesting. I quietly thought to myself while walking passed people fighting in the streets, "How horrible would it be to live somewhere that had no reaction? -Business as usual." I watched hundreds of protesters get arrested that day and was happy to read the courts dropped all the charges. Zeddemore!

Also, when I meet geeky hipsters who have found their way here from all over, like they've found the Land of Misfit Toys, I smile like Zeddemore.

If I was a hippy, or a new-ager, or a full-of-shit psychic, or a theoretical physicist (all of which are plentiful here), I might even say the city vibrates a frequency that agrees with me. Then again, there's a lot of vibrating going on here, most of which I don't want to investigate.

So, even though this report has nothing to do with the things I cite above, it was no surprise that SF was chosen by a global survey to have the highest quality of living in the US (we actually tied with Honolulu, but let's no mention that).

All this without having to save the world from a possessed Rick Moranis? Zeddemore, I feel ya.



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