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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

NewsFlash out of Hollywood!

First there was the horrible violation of Paris Hilton's mobile phone, then supposedly the same techno-terrorists hacked and posted a sex tape of Fred Durst, now it turns out that even tough-guy Russell Crowe was a terror target:,10117,12475653-26618,00.html

And finally, there appears to be no end to the indignity that a modern celebrity has to endure:


Pop beauty Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline were thrown out of two exclusive Beverly Hills, Calif., restaurants Monday, because they refused to leave their beloved Chihuahua outside.
The singer and Federline were asked to leave Euro-Asian eatery Crustacean, because her pet pooch Bit Bit's presence would have broken health and safety regulations.
The couple then headed to the Trattoria Amici Restaurant, but left red-faced after a waiter explained dogs are not permitted in the plush establishment.
But fortunately, the Trattoria Amici Restaurant's manager had a change of heart and chased the pair down the road to offer them a table, on the condition that Spears hid Bit Bit in her purse.
Oh, the horror!