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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Life Lesson #1: LIE!

For anyone who finds themselves unemployed and looking for decent health coverage, here's the first and last rule about the application process:

Lie, Lie, Lie!!!

-And don't feel bad about it! I made the mistake of filling out my Blue Cross application truthfully and included that I took a common drug for anxiety within the last year and they denied my application, saying I was too much of a risk for such comprehensive coverage. I should point out this drug is the same prescribed to help people stop smoking. It's so common, as a society, we're probably only a few months away from having it fortified into our cereal.

After telling this story to Laurel, who's father is a doctor, I was informed it's common practice to apply for insurance like you've never had a problem in you life and then act like any condition you have just sprung up. So there it is, people. When applying for insurance, just keep in mind the company is looking for a way to screw you, don't give them the opportunity.