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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Funnier than Fiction.

From the Unintentional Humor Department, check out this new handbag line my former company just posted:

Yes, that's not a misprint. The designer's name is the same as everyone's favorite NBA booze-hound, Vin Baker (pictured above - I have no idea what that's about). Not Vincent Baker, not Vince Baker, but exactly Vin Baker. The only thing that would make this stranger would be if the NBA's Vin Baker was the actual designer. After all, guitar legend Carlos Santana has realized a life-long dream to design women's shoes, why not groggy power forwards? Still, they're merely namesakes.

For those who may not know, here's a little background: Vin Baker was an unanticipated NBA force. He played for a small college and then preceded to make the NBA All-Star team 3 years in a row. Soon after that, his game inexplicable declined dramatically. As it turns out, Vin was an alcoholic, and not one of those lucky "functional alcoholics". He was one of those alcoholics you feel compelled to point out how drunk he is. He drifted around from team to team, taking breaks from the game for every uncontrollable binge he fell into. Former Celtics coach Jim O'Brien once reported smelling booze on his breath during practice. That blows my mind. People play softball hammered all the time, but I can't imagine playing basketball, with all the precision and agility it requires, at a professional level even! Wow, is that delusional!

As Burchard noted on the new unfortunately-named handbag line, "Insert your former NBA All-Star turned alcoholic/wash-up joke here." And Bourdet added, "That's the most unintentionally funny thing I've seen since Northwest Airlines re-painted all their planes to read 'NWA'." I, predictably, will go even further. For every style of shoe (in this case, handbag) on, they allow you to write your own review of the product. A little while back, many of us thought this was the last frontier for subversive comedy. Therefore, I invite you to join me in submitting your own review of Vin Baker handbags. Once they get posted, I'll provide links here for everyone to enjoy.

Good Luck.
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