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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Debate Team

Ever watch a presidential (or vice-presidential) debate and think to yourself, "Hell, I could do a better job than this guy."? For all his efforts last night (which weren't bad), I have to admit I was a little disappointed in John Edwards's performance. I think it was simply that I heard, because of his experience as a trial lawyer, he would lay waste to Cheney in a way not seen since the Tyson-Spinks fight of 1989 (90 seconds to a knock-out). I think I got my hopes too high up. Still, at least he didn't lose the debate, like Bush did last Thursday.

So here's my political wish list for the next debate on Friday:

1. When Bush inevitably starts the "Flip-Flopper Attack", as he and Cheney are so fond of, I plead Kerry to simply state that conviction is a very important and admirable quality, only if you're right. Otherwise, it's common thick-headedness. Can't he just say, "Mr. President, I would love to give you credit for having conviction, if you were ever once correct in your decisions in the last four years. Why should we celebrate someone's stubbornness?" I feel Kerry is spending so much time trying to clarify his positions in the past, this fundamental point is being lost.


2. When, once again, Bush implies that a Kerry/Edwards White House would compromise homeland security against another 9/11-like attack. Kerry should just ask, "How in the world could anyone do a worse job than you did leading up to 9/11? One would have to work very hard to do worse." Indeed. One of the most insidious strategies of the Bush campaign is, as John McLaughlin called it, "Vote Bush or Die!" Simply put, the President and Vice-President are going around trying to scare people into voting for them using the threat of another imminent state-side attack. -An attack they're more qualified to prevent. In fact, Cheney has even started mentioning a nuclear explosion as the next possible attack on US soil. Now, how do they figure you're safer with the current White House, who by all accounts dropped the ball on thwarting the largest terrorist attack in American History? They screwed up on preventing it, yet it's one of the cornerstone strategies of their entire campaign.

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