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Monday, September 27, 2004

Wood Elves and Druids

'Went to the wedding the tabloids said would never happen this weekend, that of Ambrose Gallagher and Leslie Hodges. Unlike the photo above, though, they were not married by famous Bond villain, Richard Kiel. The setting was the Trinity Mountains up Mount Shasta way, which does provide quite a view, as the two hostages above can attest. And despite the beautiful natural surroundings, there were no Wood Elves or Druids in attendance, just transplanted urbanites falling all over each other, and sometimes into the campfire.

In fact, this wedding had all the same dramas, reconciliations, and reunions common at those events. For me it was a chance to see and interact with people outside a five block radius of my apartment, which rarely happens. Being in the woods can actually be fun as well, which sounds obvious, but I rarely get out there anymore. It reminds me of something the philosopher Coach McGuirk said, "Camping isn't fun, it's not supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be so bad, that it builds character. So that we can all say we survived it together. That's what it's all about." Still, the collection of characters in attendance was so top-notch, I hardly realized that only a thin sliver of nylon separated my sleeping body from a city of hostile dirt mites.

So congratulations, Gallaghers, on a successful wedding and I wish you all the happiness in the world!Posted by Hello



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