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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Let's just forget about all that.

Let's not bicker over who hasn't written what. We all know who's at fault here.

So onto Music! Music Photos! Exhibit A:

I almost want to open this up to the floor and sponsor a "Best Caption"contest, but the prize would be merely my admiration (so feel free). Okay, my first reaction/joke when I saw this cover was, "Did Jack Black quit Tenacious D? And who are those other 3 people?" But after further reflection (and hours of staring) I've concluded that, although I've never been approached by a deranged doomsday cult, this must be what it looks like. Stare into Frank Black's eyes and tell me he's not saying, "Won't you come join me in the tail of the comet? The human form can be so constricting."

Actually, he's more likely saying, "$40 a ticket with a $10 internet convenience fee, please." -That's what I paid for a ticket to see the Pixies. Incidentally, I'm selling those tickets to the Friday Greek Theater Show in Berkeley (anyone interested?), and not because of some unfortunate music magazine photo. Despite that unpleasantness, I'd still love to see them. Alas, I'm going to a good friend's wedding, one that he's assured me he and his wife will slow dance to "Debaser". So, although I'd love to, I will not be joining Frank, Kim, Joey, David, & Kim's junkie sister for a spiritual bon voyage glass of Kool-aid out of a trash can. For those who are going, though, enjoy the flight!

If you get a chance, page through the Spin article, there are some priceless photos of a younger, more streamlined Frank Black. Makes me feel old.
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At 4:00 PM, Blogger Drew said...

The only caption that comes to mind is "Feelin' Kinda Pixies.". No? Oh well, I didn't need your admiration anyway, fuck you.

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about "This is what heaven looks like"?

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